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Events & Farm Visits

The goal of Clinch River Farms is to generate income to support local summer camps, programs, and community outreach events.  We offer venues for weddings, parties, reunions, picnics, and more. 

After booking a visit, we will contact you directly to discuss activities available at the time of your visit.  From tubing, kayaking, to the foam pit, slip-n-slide, or even fishing, we have activities for all ages and ability levels. 

Event Locations
The following locations are available to rent for public and private events. 

To book, contact Stephanie Joseph, Farm Manager, at 276-873-0709.

Churches, schools, and nonprofits may use the farm free of charge by Contacting Richard Hudson, 276-971-4518.  

Visit the Farm

We offer a free preview of the farm.  Our little hidden gem in the mountains may be perfect for you and your family.  Come on down.

School Visits

We offer many school visits.  We are partnered with many of the christian schools in the area.

Family Visits

A perfect place for grandpa's birthday party and a fishing day.  Kids love the animals and getting wet in the river.  Our Chapel may bring something special to your event.

Ya'll Come Visit

We would love to have you come visit and play on the farm.  Tours are available upon request.  Our mission is to improved the lives of children in our area.

Summer Camp at the farm

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